Delivered Secure
Delivered Secure is a hosted enterprise file transfer system for banks, credit unions, and businesses.



Email Results in Data Theft.

Protect yourself from data theft and liability costs by sending documents and files safely using Delivered Secure's encrypted secure file transfer technology.


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How Are People Using Delivered Secure?

Banks & Credit Unions

Banks & Credit Unions

Banks and credit unions use Delivered Secure to safely send and receive loan documents with borrowers, as well as new account documents for new customers. Delivered Secure can also be used to send and receive sensitive messages with anyone.

Mortgage Companies

Mortgage Companies

Mortgage companies use Delivered Secure to expedite the mortgage loan process, as well as to make borrowers feel safe when sending sensitive data. Email and fax are not safe, but Delivered Secure provides protection.


Lawyers & Law Firms

Lawyers protect their clients' secrets and demonstrate their attention to security by using Delivered Secure for sending and receiving sensitive contracts, digital intellectual property, and messages that need to be permanently destroyed after a pre-set timeframe.



Hospitals, physicians offices, and medical service providers keep patient medical records safe and out of public view and to streamline exchanging not only administrative data, but even medical imaging files with other care providers.

Insurance professionals

Insurance Professionals

Insurance companies and agents protect their clients' personal information by using Delivered Secure to handle sending and receiving applications, data extracts, and billing information.



Certified Public Accountants use Delivered Secure to protect their clients' sensitive tax, financial, and personal documents, as well as exchanging QuickBooks and other accounting data with business customers. Email and fax are no longer safe, and Delivered Secure fills the gap.

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Popular Secure File Exchange Features


Seamlessly integrate Delivered Secure into your existing website's branding.

Read Receipts

Delivered Secure will let you know exactly when a recipeint opens the file.

Drop Offs

Create a temporary Drop Off for unregistered users to securely send files.

Group Sending

Sending 1 file to 1 person is as simple as sending 20 files to 20 people.

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