Delivered Secure
Delivered Secure is a hosted enterprise file transfer system for banks, credit unions, and businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this differ from Dropbox,, etc?

Delivered Secure file exchange is unlike most simple file sharing or synchronization services, rather it is architected to meet specific data privacy, security and compliance needs of highly regulated companies that need to share extremely sensitive data with business partners, advisors and others.

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What is wrong with using email to send files? Isn't email safe?

There are numerous inherent risks in using email to send sensitive files or data. The primary risk is data theft. Most email is sent across the internet in plain text and then subsequently stored in plain text on mail servers and inside email clients. It's when the data is sitting on mail servers and inside email inboxes that it is most at risk. Delivered Secure file exchange eliminates the risk by ensuring that data never travels the internet without being encrypted. Delivered Secure file exchange moves sensitive data out of the inbox and onto our secure servers where it is encrypted during storage and all access to the data is logged for auditing purposes.

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What types of information should I send through Delivered Secure file exchange instead of email?

You should use SFX to send anything that you wouldn't want someone other than the recipient to see. Some examples include:

  • Tax documents
  • Usernames or passwords
  • QuickBooks files
  • Financial reports
  • Health insurance documents
  • Medical documents
  • Website backups
  • Database backups
  • Software source code
  • x9.37 Image Cash Letter files & other financial records
  • Large files too big for email

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